FEED system

Want absolute control of the feed of your nursery spending?

What is the Feed System?

? It is an automatic feed dispenser. It calculates the feed volume by sensors positioned in the metering valve, allowing a precision of 0.5kg more or less when the feed density of registration is correct.

This system allows the collection of feed discharged data in each farmed fish or shrimp with time and date to a flash drive, discharging on an internet database for a full report of the discharged feed.

Can you imagine having absolute control of the feed of your nursery spending? No?!

Well, the Feed System allows you to it!

It lets you download the exact amount of food in each farmed fish or shrimp to control the distribution of food and there is no waste of food and money, and still have the feeding report with history.

And how does it work?

It's simple!

It is a panel with an industrial PLC working with a magnetic clutch using electrical signals switching the rotary valve mugs inside and sensors in it, which calculates the volume of feed in each mug that is necessary to make a pre-registration initial feed volume used by placing it in grams per liter g / l, will be thus calculated the amount necessary to reach desired weight mugs user and discharging the same time, may be suspended treating time the need arises.

At the end of each distribution ration feeding, it features a report! That's right! A report with all the details of the ration of each nursery spending.

But where can I use it?

This is the most interesting part! Look how to easy your production:

It can be placed on a tractor driven by PTO with our equipment Trevisan Feeders Turbinates, floating rafts for fish food network tank or stationary silo, it can be triggered also by an electric motor or diesel stationary motor or gasoline or hydraulic motor

So? Still have doubts? Then know better the advantages of FEED System:

Metering valve with sensors triggered by the magnetic clutch.

Panel feed control system for industrial PLC.

Feeding reports with history

Easy maintenance

Easy calibration of sensors.

Report can be viewed on the Internet

Do not waste food

Higher speed in the distribution of feed for fish or shrimp ponds

Full control of the feeding history for nurseries, by date, hour and per kg of feed.

It does not damage the feed since the feed is deposited into the airflow or by auger metering valve.

Silo feed can be on wheels or stationary.

High pressure fan or auger.

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